The Omnichannel Survival Guide:

For the new retail reality

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By Chris Tanner & Derek O'Carroll
Founder & CEO of Brightpearl
omnichannel survival guide

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Our panel of retail experts discuss each chapter in detail with the authors of the Omnichannel Survival Guide.


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The retail landscape is littered with examples of businesses that have failed to move with the times. Don't be one of them.
Lee Adams
Retailer & Entrepreneur
If you're a business struggling to come to terms with modern, multichannel world of retail, then ignore this book at your peril!
Andrew Busby
Retail influencer & analyst

What's Inside?

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Chapter 1

The Transition to Omnichannel

Today, customers expect a seamless, consistent and personalised experience, regardless of how and where they buy, and regardless of how they choose to communicate with you. This chapter discusses why the transition to omnichannel is proving so challenging for retailers.

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Chapter 2

Be Where Your Customers Are

Be where your customers are. This chapter is about getting new customers. About making sure your business is everywhere your customer is.

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Chapter 3

The Omnichannel Buying Experience

This chapter is about how to present your brand in a consistent and seamless way to this new shape- and place-shifting customer. It will take a look at how to optimize your ecommerce, and how to take your retail store online and connect with mobile shoppers and mobile payers.

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Chapter 4

Turbocharge your order processing

This chapter covers ways to streamline the processing you have to do after the sale has taken place, regardless of where the sale originated, how it was paid for, and how it’s being delivered to the customer.

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Chapter 5

Managing Returns

This chapter explores how to make the customer journey as seamless as possible, and how to help your staff provide an excellent service. We’ll see how best to deal with logistics and accounting, and how to report on returns, and how to minimize the impact of returns on your bottom line.

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Chapter 6

After the Sale

This chapter explores why modern omnichannel retail requires that merchants provide a seamless, consistent and smooth experience for customers, however they buy from you and however they choose to talk to you.

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accounting for omnihannel retail
Chapter 7

Accounting for Omnichannel

In this chapter we’ll dive into the detail of accounting and finance in an omnichannel business, explaining ways to track revenue, expenses and profitability so that you can use the data to drive your business forwards faster.

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omnichannel inventory
Chapter 8

Omnichannel Inventory Management

In this chapter we look at ways to structure your data and business so that you can help prevent stock-outs, keep sales coming in, and keep your customers happy.

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reporting, analytics and insights
Chapter 9

Reporting, Analytics & Insights

Linking up all the data in an omnichannel business can be a challenge. This chapter focuses on the measurement and analytics of omnichannel workflows, how to put the systems in place for tracking and reporting, and how insight can lead to improvement in sales and reduction in overheads.

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think bigger than your brand
Chapter 10

Think bigger than your brand

This chapter looks at environmental and social issues in retail. Consumers are far more environmentally and socially aware than they ever have been, and they want to buy from retailers who share the same principles.

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